Key Stage 5

Exam Board: Edexcel

The AS level aims to provide students with a general introduction to the study of politics by developing an understanding of political and governmental processes in the UK. It is divided into two units. Unit 1: People and Politics focuses on the mechanisms that link people to government. Its core themes are Democracy and Political Participation, Party Policies and Ideas, Elections and Pressure Groups. Unit 2, Governing the UK, focuses on the main institutions of the central UK government. Its core themes are The Constitution, Parliament, The Prime Minister and Cabinet and Judges and Civil Liberties

A2-Level Government and Politics is the study of the origins and development of political ideologies. In Unit 3 students will study Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism and Anarchism. Unit 4 will focus on Nationalism, Feminism, Ecologism and Multiculturalism. Students are introduced to the key principals and beliefs of political ideologies and their respective views on concepts such as human nature, equality, freedom, the state, religion and gender. Students also analyse contemporary political, social and economic issues and developments such as law and order, membership of the European Union, public/private ownership, welfarism and equal rights and their links to the ideological traditions

Method of Assessment:

All modules will are examined in May/June at AS/A2

There are no changes in AS/A2 Government and Politics for September 2015


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